Pterygium Removal

Pterygium Removal is the removal of a thickening of the outer coating (conjunctiva) of the eye that grows onto the cornea. When left untreated, it may become red and irritated, eventually causing visual disturbances and possibly blocking a patient’s vision completely.

PterygiumPterygiums are generally caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, wind and sand, however, genetics may also play a part. In early stages, the use of protective sunglasses, hats and artificial tears may hinder its growth. However, once symptoms such as inflammation, dry or itchy eyes or redness begin, pterygium removal may become necessary.

If you believe you need a pterygium removed, or have noticed a growth or thickening on your eye, or just have questions, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mutyala today. Dr. Mutyala and his staff at Weston Laser & Vision Institute will examine your eye, and discuss potential treatments with you. Should you need surgery, Dr. Mutyala will explain the benefits and risks of your procedure, answer your questions and perform your surgery on the scheduled date. Contact us today!

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