PRK/LASEK/Laser Surface Treatment

PRK, LASEK and Laser Surface Treatment are other laser eye surgery procedures used to correct a person’s vision, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for contacts or glasses.

The main difference between PRK/LASEK and LASIK Eye Surgery is the healing time and what part of the eye surface is reshaped. LASIK Eye Surgery creates a small flap on the outer surface of the eye that is later returned to its place. This flap allows LASIK treatment to remove tissues from just below the surface and use the flap to cover it, providing protection as well as a faster healing time. Since PRK/LASEK does not create a flap, but rather treats the outermost surface, PRK/LASEK generally has a much longer healing process than LASIK. The biggest advantage of PRK/LASEK is that it requires no incisions.

If you are interested in PRK/LASEK or are interested in Laser Vision Correction, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mutyala to discuss your candidacy and available options at Weston Laser & Vision Institute.

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