OVER 50,000 EYES


Pannu Laser & Vision Institute has improved over 50,000 eyes including ACTORS, Athletes, Celebrities, Professionals and more! Pannu Laser & Vision Institute has improved the vision of patients throughout the United States and from TWENTY-EIGHT (28) countries around the world. Our patients come in from over 25 states and 28 countries around the world!


Top-rated syndicated Radio Personality. Comedian.
Television host. Movie Star.
Host of Nationally Syndicated "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show."

LASIK by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

“My eyesight is so much better.. I am sitting here reading words I could not read that bottom line before..The surgery was yesterday and it was quick, fast- lasted ten/fifteen minutes… It’s great, It’s great so I am excited about it!”

Hear Rickey Smiley discuss his LASIK at Pannu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_DY1BCuze0


DJ & Radio Personality on Hits 97.3

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vison Institute

“Go see my friends at the Pannu Laser Institute. I had my LASIK procedure done and it’s the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. Listen, I couldn’t see anything before... I had contacts, I had glasses... now I can see perfectly... thanks to the Pannu Laser Institute"


Radio Personality - The Beach 102.7 FM Stadium Voice of the Miami Dolphins

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

"My LASIK procedure was quick, easy and painless- why did I wait so long to have it?! Your staff is fantastic. Thank you for the miracle that is my 20-20 vision!"

Hear Kenny Walker discuss his LASIK at Pannu: https://youtu.be/5vdYMcGRtdM


Radio Personality on Kiss 99.9 WKIS-FM

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

“I got my LASIK done here, Pannu Laser Vision Institute, BEST thing I could have ever done! Let me tell you, not having to worry getting up in the morning, that one less step getting ready! Can’t do my makeup around the glasses and all that mumbo jumbo, and fuss, and the contacts, and solution, and the eyeglasses, and sunglasses. NO MORE! Said goodbye to it all! Got here- Ten minutes in and out. Like I said it’s wonderful! You’re gonna love it too!.. ADIOS to being four eyes! No one is ever calling me that again!”

Hear Dina B. discuss her LASIK at Pannu: https://youtu.be/f6VaZwxrXIY


Radio Personality – Power 96 Morning Show

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

“My Pannu Lasik experience was absolutely amazing.” “LASIK is BY FAR one of the BEST decisions of my life. And wearing glasses, ugh, I felt like a total nerd. But not anymore because I went to Pannu. Now I have perfect vision and I threw those glasses away. The procedure was quick, painless and I didn’t miss any days of work.” “I was completely amazed the next morning when I was able to drive to work with no issues”


Radio Personality & Host of “The KVJ Show” on 97.9

LASIK performed by Pannu Laser & Vision Institute

“I went to Pannu Laser & Vision almost two years ago, and it has changed my life! It has definitely changed my vision. It was one of the easiest procedures I’ve ever done! It was done in just a matter of moments… I felt confident after talking to the great doctor at Pannu Laser Vision. State of the art equipment is what they have. You go in there, the offices are clean and they look like a day spa, and you KNOW you are in good hands.” “I cannot believe how fast that procedure was… That was so simple. You could do the same thing. If your eyes are bothering you, you’re tired of the contacts, you could call Pannu too..”

Hear Kevin Rolston discuss his LASIK at Pannu: https://youtu.be/pPOGqf0oOiw


CBS4 Sports Anchor/Reporter, Commentator and Occasional News Anchor Host, 2016 Stanley Cup finals
Play By Play broadcaster for the Florida Panthers on Fox Sports Florida
Radio broadcaster, 2010 and 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Westwood One Radio Network

LASIK by Dr. Srini Mutyala

"Dr. Mutyala is great! The entire process was very calming, both before and after the surgery. It is absolutely unbelievable to have my sight back after all these years, thanks to Dr. Mutyala."


On-Air personality/ Co-host with Mack & Nick @Y100Miami.
Creative Director for Rock With U Entertainment.

LASIK performed by Dr. Srini Mutyala

"This must be my lucky day You are awesome, only you Thank you for the gift of sight!"




Director of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery West Boca Medical Center Fort Lauderdale, FL

LASIK by Dr. Srini Mutyala (2012)

“Dr. Srini Mutyala is wonderful! As a robotic surgeon my vision is obviously critical to my ability to work and provide exceptional care to my patients. Consequently, I was apprehensive about undergoing Lasik in spite of my own medical knowledge. Dr. Mutyala immediately instilled the confidence in me to put my eyes and my profession in his gifted hands. With over 40,000 successful Lasik surgeries to his credit, I knew I could trust him. I am so grateful for the blessing of perfect vision and my only regret is that I didn't meet Dr Mutyala sooner. I cannot give any higher recommendation than to say that I WILL be sending all of my friends, family and patients to Dr Mutyala. Thank you to the entire Pannu Laser & Vision Institute for a smooth, painless, positive experience.”


On-Air Beauty Expert | YouTube Personality | A red lipstick changed my life. Literally.

LASIK by Dr. Srini Mutyala

“To all the ladies out there who wear glasses, I think you probably know how I feel. More than a few times I’ve considered giving up my hipster frames, cutting back on the expense of contacts and finally getting LASIK done…” “Lucky for me, my cousin Srini in South Florida has treated several family members who’ve all had great experiences. This year he finally gave me the okay to get the procedure (now that I’m old enough), so I decided, why not? Everyone told me it’s a life changing experience that I wouldn’t regret. (Plus, who better to treat me than my own cousin?). BEST DECISION EVER! I’m still amazed that I don’t have to remove my contacts every night and am IN LOVE with my new vision!!!”

Our LASIK Surgeon has proudly performed LASIK on the following Family Members:  (per request)

  • DR. CHAI MUTYALA, Anesthesiologist (First Cousin)
  • DEEPICA MUTYALA, On-Air Beauty Expert/YouTube Personality, (First Cousin)
  • DR. DIVYA VARU, Ophthalmologist (First Cousin)
  • DR. MONICA MUTYALA, Medical Resident (First Cousin)
  • NEILESH MUTYALA, COO at Big Think (First Cousin)
  • PADMA MUTYALA (First Cousin)
  • DR. RADHA PASALA, Nephrologists (First Cousin’s Wife)
  • RAJESH MUTYALA, Graduate Student (First Cousin’s Son)


  • RAMA MUTYALA, Civil Engineer with the U.S. Navy (First Cousin)
  • SHILPA MUTYALA, Social Worker (Brother’s Wife)
  • SWAPNA REDDY, Attorney & Professor at Arizona State University (First Cousin’s Wife)
  • SWETA VYTLA, Attorney (First Cousin’s Daughter)
  • VIK SONI, Analytics Officer (Wife’s Brother)

Domestic Pannu Laser & Vision Institute’s patients fly in from:

Alaska | Alabama | California | Colorado | Connecticut | District of Columbia | Florida |Georgia | Hawaii | Illinois | Indiana | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Minnesota | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | North Carolina | Ohio | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Puerto Rico | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | Wisconsin | Washington

International Pannu Laser & Vision's Patients fly in from:

Antilles | Argentina | Bahamas | Belize | Brazil | Canada | China | Columbia | Cuba | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | France | Germany | Guyana | Haiti | India | Ireland | Israel | Jamaica | Russia | South Africa | Sweden | Switzerland | Trinidad and Tobago | Turks/Caicos | United Kingdom | Virgin Islands | Vietnam

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